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Fantasy Tangystarter

'In order to get our figures released more quickly, we've introduced the concept of the 'Tangystarter'. The basic idea is like Kickstarter, you choose your set of figures and then 'pledge' for each set you'd like.

The difference is, we ask for your money upfront, and then send you a request for the final shipping amount. As always, we're happy to post to anywhere in the world, but the vagaries of the various postal systems means that costs do appear to fluctuate. 


We've set our funding goal at £500, which is the approximate cost of a master and production mould at top quality casters Griffin Moulds Ltd.

Warrior Alone.jpg

Right now, we will only be offering these figures as sets rather than individual figures. However, we've charged our current standard price, £4 a figure, with a discount of one figure for free! Plus, we're offering two unique figures as incentives - so, when we hit £200, everyone will get our Chinese Heroine for free.

UPDATE - we have now also added to the offer a range of resin 3D printed models from our partners at TP3D.

If we then hit the £400 mark, everyone gets an extra Multiversal Hero in their order.


If we go beyond that level, we have a unique, one of a kind Anti-Chaos Chaos Warrior that we'd like to offer you all, but we won't be revealing him until we hit the mark.

Any questions, do get in touch via the website or through the Facebook page. If this pre-order works out, our next Tangystarter will feature a host of Spaceship Crews and Sci-Fi Villains, which we'll talk more about after the event

Multiversal Hero Aspect.png
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