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About us

My name's Wayne, and I am the owner of the Tangent Miniatures range. I've been a wargamer since the 1980's, starting out with Games Workshop products and then diversifying into pretty much every historical period you can imagine.


However, I've always been a 'geek' for such things as British and US comics, movies, television, sci-fi, fantasy, pretty much every type of genre TV you can think of, and was lucky enough to have parents who indulged my interests at a young age. Whether it was repeated 1960's Supermarionation on BBC or ITV in the 1970's, '70's classics like The Sweeney or The Professionals, 1980's US TV shows like TJ Hooker or The A-Team, '90's groundbreakers like The X-Files or Sliders, and right on into the 2000's, I'm there, watching as much as I can.


Over time, I decided I wanted to mix my gaming with my other interests, and was lucky enough to discover the 7TV system from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio. I've been a fan ever since, and have worked as part of the team on products they have created. Having championed the game during my time as Sub-Editor at Wargames Illustrated magazine, I found myself wanting more diversity in the games I was playing. In particular, I wanted figures based upon shows I liked, miniature heroes that other companies didn't produce.


So, having left WI, I decided to set up Tangent Miniatures, a company where I could work with talented people like our fantastic sculptor Carl Stoelzel, our casting partners at Caliver Books and 3D printing hero James Aldridge to offer an ever increasing selection from a wide choice of genres at a fair price.


I guarantee that those who browse our store will spot something they like and those that have shopped with us before will notice something new almost every month. Don't touch that dial, stay tuned and keep it Tangent - who knows where we'll go next!

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