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Welcome to the Tangent Miniatures online store.  Browse by section below to view our eclectic range of miniatures and models for tabletop gaming.

Unless otherwise stated, all our miniatures are 28mm scale and cast in metal.  We are slowly going through and updating all of our images to painted examples, so you will currently find a mix of 3D renders and actual minis.

In addition our ranges of resin 3D printed miniatures are clearly labeled and supplied with all supports removed.

All miniatures and models are supplied unpainted.


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Tangent Space

Pursue the lost colonists across the depths of space, fight the final starship battles and thumb a lift around the galaxy.  A whole universe of adventure awaits!

Tangent Dystopia

Explore a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk-esque, corporate controlled city, where a once bright future dream has become tarnished by a corrupt reality.  Patrol the highways of the wastelands.  Survive in the post-event world.  One thing is for sure, there is no future!


Tangent Night Hunters

Creatures of the night stalk the streets.  Hunter and prey fighting for life and soul.  Explore Victorian nightmares and modern horrors!

Tangent Law

They are the law.  From the tough streets of the crime ridden present, to the lost future of the dystopian city.  It's not easy being a cop!

Tangent Ahistorical

From the fields of Flanders to the Napoleonic Wars, this is History, Tangent style. Join the Cunning Crew and Blundt's Men amongst others as they rewrite history one episode at a time!

Gang Wars

Formerly produced for Studio Miniatures, Tangent have taken over this range of modern gang miniatures.  Ideal for modern, near future and post-apocalypse settings, these tough guys would be equally at home in the Dystopian City.

Novus Landing

Licensed 3D prints from EC3D covering the denizens and spaceships of this wild spaceport on the edge of the galaxy.  These miniatures, models and terrain are ideal for games such as Stargrave, Five Parsecs from Home and of course Dystopia City.


An eclectic mix of genres and styles including spy-fy, fantasy, science fiction, Turnip 28 and film and TV inspired miniatures.  28mm scale 3D printed miniatures sculpted by Mike Tongue.

Monstrous Encounters

Fantasy, science fiction and modern miniatures.  Licensed 3D prints sculpted by James Boykin.

Albino Raven Miniatures

Modern and post apocalypse based military miniatures.  Ideal for games such as Zona Alpha.  3D prints produced under license from Albino Raven Miniatures.

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