Set of ten miniatures in 28mm scale for tabletop gaming, roleplaying, wargaming etc.  Ideal for use in games such as Zona Alpha, 7TV and similar.


- Six Hazmat suited scientists (3 armed, 3 unarmed)
- Two Hazmat suited 'infected' Zombies
- One dead Hazmat suited scientist
- Three Hazmat suit rack scenery pieces  


3D printed in high quality resin and supplied unpainted.


3D printed and supplied by Twisted Pinnacle 3D Printing under license from Big Mr Tong 3D.


All of our 3D printed models are fully licensed and are supplied with all supports removed with minimal clean up required.


Supplied with 25mm round plastic slotta bases.

Modern Chemical / Hazmat Suits - 28mm scale 3D printed resin miniatures x12