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Welcome to Tangent Miniatures.  Based in the heart of the wargames 'lead belt' in Nottinghamshire UK, we produce an eclectic range of 28mm scale miniatures for use across a wide range of tabletop games.  


We love comics, films, television and popular culture and many of our figures are inspired by our favourite screen and literary characters.

Our miniatures are 3D sculpted and traditionally cast in white metal.  Ranges include Tangent Space, Law, Dystopia and 'Ahistorical' and are expanding all the time.

Please visit our shop section to see the full range and remember to check back regularly for new releases.

Space warriors.jpg

Tangent is also the home of Dystopia City!

A set of rules and a loose background that offers the chance to explore a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk-esque, corporate controlled hodgepodge of a city, where a once bright future dream has become tarnished by a corrupted reality. 

The current version of the rules are available for free via PDF and are supported by our great range of figures.

Working alongside our friends at TP3D we are also able to offer a number of ranges of 3D printed models from top sculpters and artists.

This includes the Novus Landing spaceport range from EC3D as well as miniatures and models from Big Mr Tong 3D (BMT3D), Monstrous Encounters, Eskice Miniatures, Lost Heresy and Kyoushuneko.

All miniatures and models on the site are sold unpainted and may require some assembly.   

You can also buy from us direct at wargaming shows across the UK - check out the list on our Facebook site. 

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