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3D Printed Miniatures

Working in partnership with TP3D we offer a range of 3D printed miniatures and models from great designers from all around the world.  All printing is performed using the same equipment we produce the masters for our metal models with. We use high quality resin for our 3D prints and all models are supplied with supports removed.  Fulfilment of 3D print orders is handled by TP3D who are also based in the UK.

Check out the ranges we offer below and browse our full catalogue of 3D printed delights. 

Lost Heresy.png
Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 23.51.10.png
Monstrous Encounters.png
Eskice Miniatures.jpeg
Medusa Miniatures Cult of the Cobra.png
Kyoushuneko Miniatures logo.png

Full catalogue

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